Snapchat introduces new features and rolls out My AI chatbot globally at Snap Partner Summit 2023

Snapchat introduces new features and rolls out My AI chatbot globally at Snap Partner Summit 2023
Snapchat introduces new features and rolls out My AI chatbot globally at Snap Partner Summit 2023

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, recently held its Snap Partner Summit 2023 where it unveiled new features and tools to enhance the user experience on its platform. The company also announced the global rollout of My AI Chatbot, which uses OpenAI's GPT technology. The chatbot is aimed at improving user engagement and interaction on the platform.

Snapchat's new Calling Lenses feature allows users to appear together in one frame during video calls without a grid. Additionally, the company has added two new options to its Stories format, After Dark and Communities, which can be used to post late-night events and share perspectives with classmates, respectively. The Snap Map also received a new location-sharing option that displays landmarks in 3D, and users' Bitmoji avatars will show when they share their live location with friends.

Snapchat is also offering new monetization and engagement programs to help creators generate income and connect with their audience. The Stories revenue share program and Spotlight reward program allow Snapchatters with a minimum of 50,000 followers, 25 million monthly Snap views, and 10 monthly Story posts to earn money and compete with Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram.

Snapchat is also expanding its audience by allowing users over 18 to post Public Stories with a tap, and a new scheduling feature lets creators decide when they want to post their content. Additionally, creators can now add a Linktree to their new Public Profile.

Snapchat has also partnered with Live Nation to bring custom AR experiences to 16 of the biggest festivals, including Beyond Wonderland Southern California and Electric Daisy Carnival. The company has also integrated with live event visualization company Disguise to offer Snap AR to some of the world's largest venues and tours.

Snapchat is expanding its Shopping Suite by allowing users to virtually try on clothes and apparel using its in-house AR Image Processing technology and 3D Viewer. The Fit Finder functionality will give shoppers accurate fit and size recommendations. Additionally, AR Mirrors allow customers to try on products virtually, and retail brands like Men's Wearhouse and Nike are currently using AR Mirrors to enhance the in-store experience.

Finally, Snapchat has teamed up with Coca-Cola to set up an AR-enabled vending machine that customers can control with gestures.

Overall, Snap's new features and tools aim to improve user engagement and interaction on its platform while offering new ways for creators to generate income and compete with other social media platforms. The company's expansion into AR and virtual try-on experiences also shows its commitment to innovation and enhancing the user experience.